Basic Blackjack Betting Systems

In this article, we will talk about how Amateur players place bets in blackjack. Why do we focus on Amateurs? Because a professional approach to this issue is quite complex and requires certain skills and knowledge, and this publication is intended for a wide range of readers.

Before proceeding to the discussion, we would like to express our hope that you know the basics of the basic strategy, as well as are well enough versed in the chances of blackjack to be able to choose the most profitable type of game in an online or offline casino. If you have any difficulties with these aspects, read the special materials on casinos and practice a little.

So, let’s look at the most common principles of choosing the size of bets in blackjack.

The same amount in each round

This is the most common and most conservative method. In many cases, it is also the most convenient. The main idea of this option is clear; the player determines the comfortable bet size for him and does not change it under any circumstances.

What are the cons of identical bids? We must start with the fact that this approach is most suitable for customers with a limited bankroll, who want to stay in the casino as long as possible.

It allows you to calculate the theoretical level of financial losses without any problems. You only need to know the level of the mathematical advantage of the casino (as a percentage) embedded in the game and figure out how much money you will put on the line in an hour.

Even rates make it possible to minimize fluctuations in the bankroll amount. In practice, this means that you will not find yourself either in a major loss or in a significant gain.

Is this the advantage of this method? Decide for itself. It all depends on the goals you set for yourself. If you want to stay longer at the casino, will it suit you? If you are hoping to increase your bankroll several times, the same level of rates is unlikely to allow you to do this.

Bids by progression

We have repeatedly discussed the topic of betting systems in various articles published on casinos and have always stressed that progressions do not reduce the mathematical advantage of the casino. Accordingly, they do not help you win.

But the negative consequences of using progressions are quite likely. For example, the same martingale for which you need to double the bet after losing forces the player to bet more per hour than in the case of unchanged bids. Moreover, by raising the bet, you can quickly reach the limit set for the table, after which the system will lose its meaning. If your options are limited, the option of a complete financial collapse is also possible.

Therefore, we would not recommend that you play blackjack in progression. If you really want to test this principle, choose the least aggressive systems that do not involve a significant increase in bids.

Increasing the bid in favorable situations

This is the best but at the same time the most difficult approach. Of course, if the situation is in your favor, it would be logical to raise the bid. The only problem is how to figure out when to do it. If you haven’t figured it out yet, you’ll have to track the cards that have been issued. The more small cards in the pile driver, the more chances you have to win.

Yes, we are talking about becoming a card counter. But do not be afraid, this practice is not as difficult as it may seem. There are quite simple counting systems that can be mastered in just a few hours. They are, of course, not as accurate as of the more advanced versions, but they are also quite effective.

Just do not forget about the complete uselessness of an online casino account. In order for such methods to be effective, it requires a real reset of the played cards in the bump. In an online casino, all decks participate in each hand in full, which makes it impossible to count the cards that have been issued.


The best thing you can do in a virtual casino is to find the most profitable type of blackjack, choose the optimal strategy for it and play at the same rates of a comfortable size for you. In offline casinos, it is not superfluous to at least partially apply the card account (although we do not recommend that you advertise this) and adjust your bets according to the gaming situation.

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