What is gambling addiction?

It is this disease that many psychologists call the most terrible on Earth. Narcologists, who face formally more severe cases every day, are ready to argue with them. However, the appearance of a gambler often does not correspond to either his physical or even mental state.

Gambling addiction has been considered a pathological gambling addiction for some time. The international community officially calls gambling ludomania, and its recognition as such occurred at the junction of the 1980s and 90s.

It is noted that gambling addiction has a destructive effect on the person’s personality. At the same time, the craving for gambling is in the first place ludoman gives preference to them against the background of their social obligations. The same applies to family life and work, which are also lost in the background of all-consuming excitement.

A curious fact: the vast majority of experts recognize a passionate game on the financial exchange as a gambling addiction. What can we say about the fans of poker, slots and other pleasures of the casino and sports betting? Gamblers are also observed in horse and dog racing.

Psychologists pay attention to the importance of changing the emotional background of the gambler. Excitement can become a substitute element against the background of a lack of some other qualities of the personality itself, or for a more banal reason-when there is a lack of money. However, in the second case, we are referring more to the effect, and the reason-the overestimation of the importance of money as such.

In 1990, when gambling addiction fully reached the USSR along with slot machines, Soviet psychologists conducted a number of fundamental studies, the results of which are still widely used today. In General, a number of factors can be identified at once, the presence of which hints at the fact that a person is ill with ludomania. In the first row are the increase in playing time, changes in the circle of friends and activities, poor self-control, as well as some signs of manic-depressive syndrome.

Is it a disease?

Perhaps the greatest progress in the study of this specific disease has been made by American and British scientists. Obviously, the development of society takes place not only against the background of increasing technical capabilities, but also under certain negative factors, among which is gambling addiction.

What say psychiatrists?

In a remarkable way, American psychiatrists detect disease in their patients. The list, consisting of two sections, implies the following: if there are at least 5 or more signs (out of 11 possible), then almost certainly a person needs to undergo treatment for ludomania. In addition to the obvious (theft as a source of funds for the game, constant return to the game, and more), there are subtle points (extreme anxiety when trying to give up).

What about suspicions of gambling addiction?

However, if a person has suspicions of gambling addiction, they should seek help from a doctor, sharing their problem with understanding loved ones. Recognizing the fact of addiction, as in the case of tobacco addiction, often does not eliminate the problem, but only transfers the process to a more severe stage of the disease development.

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